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Hell School for Teachers 3 (Simon Grail)

Hell School for Teachers 3 by Simon Grail

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NOTE: This is a single volume edition of a story previously published in two parts.

Emma, Ruth, Natasha, Tess and Heather: attractive teachers from Ringsdean High School, have been living under the power of the demon known as Phidian, who hires out the use of their bodies to anybody willing to pay with a year (or more) of their life for the pleasure of playing with them in a fantasy world built to their own perverted requirements.

Jason Pyke, whose sadistic sexual fantasy first brought the teachers to Phidian’s attention, calls in on the demon again. He wants to hire the women to play their part in his new fantasy of a sexual punishment summer school with himself as its dominating and all-powerful headmaster. This time the teachers will share the school with ten pretty, female, ex-Ringsdean students who Jason has also spied upon and lusts after. To make things even darker the teachers will not only be Jason’s victims but also his unwilling assistants, who must punish the lovely young students strictly according to his rules.

Imprisoned within Jason’s fantasy version of Ringsdean High and shut off from the real world, the teachers are hot wax depilated, intimately and painfully pierced many times and then made to dress in fetish uniforms. Then they have to dominate, degrade and humiliate the innocent students, who still believe this is real life, or else suffer terrible punishment. Then the teachers must submit to sexual punishments from the pupils in return. For Jason’s twisted amusement, they are whipped, shocked, caned, exposed, racked, stretched and impaled and take part in a painful naked baton relay race, where the baton (which grows hotter as it is agitated) is passed from pussy to pussy between the runners.

The teachers have to take the girls for individual “lessons” where they introduce them to hogtie suspension, impaling dildos, spiked roller beds, electric shocks, and compulsory cunnilingus. Then the teachers have to face being made into naked archery targets with fiendishly novel types of arrows, are turned into naked ponygirls in high heels pulling carts around the paying field, endure whipping machines and a challenge of pain and stamina pulling iron weights by their most sensitive parts.

At the end of their first week the students and teachers are set a test by Jason. They must each create a new torment to inflict upon the other group. If they are not cruel enough then they will all suffer an even worse punishment. The only way to escape this sadistic microcosm is to somehow convince the students that it is not real and break Jason’s mental hold over them. But they seem to be sliding ever deeper under his power. And so are some of the teachers…

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 7 / 2016

No. words: 50796

Style: Bondage/BDSM and Horror, Sex Slavery / Training

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Excerpt from Chapter One of: “Hell School for Teachers 3”

Phidian has put the five teachers (his “merchandise” as he calls them) on display naked in his “showroom” dungeon to await Jason Pyke’s arrival…

Jason arrived in less than half an hour.
Phidian ushered him into the pseudo-dungeon room and his eyes grew wide with wonder as he saw the five naked women in their frames… They could only goggle back at him while blushing in shame at their total exposure and the feel of their nipples standing up afresh and their gaping sex mouths warming and wetting…
The women were imprisoned within vertical flat black wrought iron frames. In outline the frames resembled the spade on a suit of playing cards in-filled with slender curling iron tendrils, stalks and spines that almost looked as if they had grown spontaneously out of the floor and had somehow wound themselves about the women’s bodies like ivy and bound them tight…
The women’s arms were drawn up above their heads and their wrists were bound together by iron thongs so that their hands rested in the tips of the spades. Their legs were pulled out wide into the lower lobes of the spades, so that their bodies formed inverted “Y’s” and their bare feet dangled a little above the floor. From the middle of the stubby trunks of these iron trees, before they spread and branched outwards, single iron spikes rose upwards and penetrated the women’s anuses.
More slender and sinuous stems were wrapped tightly about their ankles, knees and thighs, about their waists and necks, wrists and elbows. Even their breasts had been bound about at the roots, making them bulge unnaturally outward. The tendrils here had grown spikes which stabbed into their soft fleshy globes about their nipples, causing small scarlet trickles to run across their under curves and down their chests. Invasive metal stems coiled over their hips and plunged into the fleshy folds of their vaginal clefts, the curling black leaves digging into their outer labia as if they were hooks and pulling them painfully wide open to expose their tender glistening pink interiors. Finally iron tendrils reached into their mouths, stretching their lips back and bearing their teeth, so that more leaves could pinch tight about their tongues, as if reminding them to be silent…
Jason Pyke was a short, slightly plump young man with dark untidy hair, red cheeks and deep narrow eyes filled with resentful suspicion. He was dressed in a black shirt and jeans which he may have thought made him look stylish. Unfortunately it didn’t. Nor did the attempt at designer stubble on his pale plump cheeks, which was more like peach fuzz. However Phidian treated Jason with almost obsequious courtesy…
‘Here they are. Please take your time to have a good look at them.’
Jason hesitated. ‘Can I… touch them?’
‘Of course!’ Phidian said generously. ‘Stroke them, pinch them, slap them. They are here to be enjoyed and to give pleasure… to the right man, of course.’
And so Jason walked along the row of women and then around the back, stroking and pinching fleshy buttocks and investigating the wet depths framed between stretched labia and slapping bound and bulging breasts. And he grinned appreciatively at the signs that hung about their necks.
The one hung about Emma’s neck read: Emma Rowe, Age 31, 37-25-37 inches /93-62-93 cm.
Emma had pale skin and wore her brassy auburn hair curled up into a bun. She had light brows and clear green almond eyes, a neat nose and an open bright and friendly face. Her heavy milky pale breasts were topped with light pink nipples and her softly rounded buttock cheeks were as pale as her breasts. Fine wispy auburn curls framed her distended public cleft.
Natasha Dowell (Age 25, 36-24-35 inches/90-60-87 cm) had an amiable well- proportioned face with blue eyes and straight honey blonde hair that tumbled over her shoulders. Her skin was clear and lightly tanned and her soft breasts were capped by large brown nipples. Her buttocks were pale and fleshy and her pubes were covered by a thin brown fuzz of hair.
Ruth Jacobs (Age 27, 35-23-35/ 87-57-87) had slightly olive skin and a trim figure which went with her somewhat Mediterranean looks. She had a thick mane of curling dark hair, dark full eyebrows over bright eyes and a bold straight nose. Her strong shoulders carried her high prominent rounded breasts well which were modestly tipped by pale nipples. A thick dark tangle of dark pubic curls grew at the apex of her thighs and she had firm rounded buttocks.
Tessa Lloyd (Age 24, 35-23-23, 87-57-87) had a lightly bronzed complexion and she had a lean, strong and compact figure in keeping with her position as a PE teacher. She had short brunette hair and a slightly elfin face with a prominent tip-tilted but pretty nose. Her eyes were green set under fine arched eyebrows and she had a cupid bow upper lip. Her breasts were small and high with conical red-brown stand-up nipples and her bottom was pale, tight and firm. A thin delta of pubic hair covered a cleft that seemed, even when not being pulled wide by strands of iron ivy, large in comparison to her slim hips.
Heather Bellamy (Age 29, 38-24-37/95-60-93) had a heart-shaped face framed by thick black collar length wavy hair, with a narrow straight nose, deep serious dark eyes, a neat pointed chin and a wide mouth. She had a womanly figure with full breasts, wide hips and heavy pale fleshy buttocks. Her full breasts were crowned by large brown slightly ovoid nipples with sharply defined edges and prominent central buds. A tightly curled delta of dark pubic hair veiled her gaping cleft, which dribbled helplessly and shamelessly as Jason fingered it.
They could all see he was responding to their provocative display from the bulge growing in the front of his jeans.
‘Would you like a free sample of the pleasure you can have with them?’ Phidian asked smoothly, producing a vicious braided whip and handing it to Jason. ‘You can beat and couple with all of them as many times you like in an hour.’
‘Screw all of them in an hour?’ Jason said doubtfully, even as he licked his lips at the thought.
‘That is because…’ Phidian snapped his fingers ‘…I have just temporarily granted you the ability (optionally available in the scenario of your choice for another month of your life) to remain erect and ejaculate as often as you wish, together with a slight enlargement in size,’ Phidian explained. ‘And don’t worry about any damage you inflict on them either inside or out. They will heal perfectly in a few hours so that their pretty skins are ready for the next time, allowing you to try out different whipping patterns upon them…’
But Jason had already torn open his flies to reveal his huge hard straining penis which he massaged in wonder. The women whimpered at the sight even as their pussies tingled and filled with fresh juices. Jason grinned foolishly and then he raised his whip…
He worked his way around the inner side of the arc of frames, slashing and cracking his whip across their bound breasts until they bounced and shivered like beach balls, covering their trembling globes in a criss-cross of stripes and weals, beating their hard nipples down again and again and filling then with burning pain. He swiped the whip upwards between their splayed thighs, cracking it across their smooth skin and ripping it up through the wet clefts of their gaping splayed pussies. They screamed and bit on their pinched tongues as the shock waves of unendurable pain coursed through them, twisting and grinding about their iron anal spikes which pinned them in place. They lost control of their bladders and gushing streams of urine sprayed out from their yawning clefts onto the stone floor, sparkling in the white up-lighting.
Then Jason went round the back of the frames and used his whip on their bare defenceless bottoms presented in a tempting row. The leather thongs sliced and slashed over their shivering frantically clenching cheeks, setting their flesh rippling and searing more red and purple stripes into them which then ran scarlet. He even flicked the whip up between their legs around their impaling anal spikes so its tip curled almost lovingly up into their slobbering sex mouths from the rear, cutting into their tender flesh so that their discharge became pink.
And with every blow he struck, every sob of pain he dragged from them, every crisp crack of leather on flesh, Jason’s straining cock bobbed ever more hungrily.
When they were at last all sodden with tears and covered with purple welts and scarlet trickles and splatters from chest to knees and reduced to trembling, shuddering wrecks, hanging limp within their restraining frames, Jason stood before them again.
‘I want them to speak,’ he asked Phidian.
The leaf clamps freed their tongues and the iron tendrils withdrew from their mouths.
‘Either I whip you all some more or you beg me to screw you,’ he told them.
By now they would do anything for him to spare themselves another whipping.
‘Yes…yes…’ the sobbed pathetically ‘…please screw me master… fuck me hard master… have my bum master… my cunt is really hot and juicy… I want you inside me, master!’
Jason fell upon them, ramming his stiff shaft up inside Ruth, making her wince as he reached around her body to grasp her raw buttocks to brace his thrust. His hard penis filled her vagina and ground against the bulge of the anal spike in her rectum, making him seem ever bigger. He came inside her in seconds. Whipping his dribbling but still hard shaft out of her clinging hot depths, he moved on to Natasha. He pounded into her, ejaculating in less than a minute, and then he shifted sideways to plunge his cock up into Ruth’s spread vulva. Three minutes later he was pumping up into Tessa’s pussy, and then finally he sampled the delights of Heather’s deep hot vagina.
As Jason pulled out of her, helpfully Phidian snapped his fingers and the impaling spikes withdrew from their rectums, leaving their anuses gaping invitingly open. ‘They are perfectly clean,’ he assured Jason.
Still hard, Jason worked his way back down the line via their beaten buttocks, ramming his seemingly inexhaustible penis up into anus after anus, leaving sperm dribbling out of them down their inner thighs and onto the floor in his wake. They sobbed, whimpered and groaned as he reached round them and clasped their whipped and beaten breasts to brace himself as he thrust hard up into them, stretching their sphincters painfully. But not a word of protest left their lips.
And through their tears they saw Phidian looking on smiling and nodding, as if approving of Jason’s natural gift for sadism and domination. And despite everything they found themselves wishing just for a moment that a little of this approval was directed at them in appreciation of their sacrifice.
When Jason had finally filled Heather’s rectum with his seed, he sank to his knees, dizzy with delight and marvelling at his prowess. His hard shaft was covered in their mingled juices and his supernaturally regenerated sperm, spread between ten hot tight orifices. Behind him the row of women shivered and trembled, their bodies lacerated, aching and burning from his whipping while their well-reamed passageways dripped with his ejaculation.
Phidian stepped forward with a smile. ‘I hope you have enjoyed that.’
‘That was… fucking amazing!’ Jason gasped.
‘Quite,’ Phidian agreed dryly. ‘Now, have you any thoughts as to what scenario you would like to have these lovely ladies participate in? For example…’ he flashed a knowing smile at the women ‘…for the cost of a year of your life, plus another month for the gift of unlimited potency, I could create a bubble microcosm containing an alternate reality in which Ringsdean School, with you as its headmaster and its facilities adjusted to your requirements, exists outside normal time. It would be populated by creatures of my creation made to resemble male pupils ready to humiliate their teachers in whatever way you chose, and which they would believe was normal.’
The exhausted women looked at each other in despair. Was Phidian tempting Jason into replaying his original scenario? Why not if he did not remember it? Would they be able to escape in the same way?
But to their surprise Jason was shaking his head. He pointed at the women he had just doubly violated and whipped. ‘No. I want them to remember what I’ve just done to them, and I want them to know I’m using them in whatever set up I choose, as long as they don’t give me away and still do everything I want.’
‘That can be arranged,’ Phidian said.
‘And I don’t want any other men screwing them, just me.’
‘They could be your exclusively female teaching staff,’ Phidian suggested. ‘But if they know the truth then you must have other victims who believe it is real. Your scenario will last only as long as they believe in it and you, otherwise it could go on forever, and that is not permitted. Those are the rules.’
Jason’s eyes were shining with lustful anticipation. ‘What about some real Ringsdean girls? There are these really pretty ones I photographed in the showers, maybe ten of them that I want to… have some fun with. Only they’ve just left the school…’
‘If you give me their names I can arrange to include them in your plans and find a reason for them to be returned to the school,’ Phidian said smoothly. ‘But including so many playthings will require additional preparation, which will add another year of your life to the cost…’
The women saw Jason looking at them thinking of what he had just done and licking his lips and calculating the cost. Jason was just as sexually obsessed and sadistic as he had been before, but after getting away with his shower room spying he’d had weeks to come up with a different set of fantasies he wanted to play out. What would they be?
Jason took a deep breath. ‘It’s a deal!’
Phidian smiled. ‘Let’s go into the other room to discuss the details,’ he said.
Jason looked at the soiled and bedraggled women. ‘What about them?’
‘They’re not going anywhere,’ Phidian assured him.
The five helpless naked women watched them go and shivered, knowing that in exchange for two years and one month of his life Jason had just bought the use of them in some fantasy of sex and sadism that would make what they had just endured seem like mere foreplay.

Author Information

Simon Grail is an artist and author of many strong BDSM content A1 books, including the best sellers "Sex Slave Holiday","Hell School for Teachers" and "The Young Women of St Evals" and "The Bagatelle Club". Past works include:"The Purgatory Club" trilogy, the "Bondmaid" Saga sextet, the "Lesbian MILF Blackmail Gang", "Sisterhood of Submission", the "Dragon School" and "Castle of Slaves" novels, and several short stories including the ongoing "Breaking in..." and "Nightmare in..." series.


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