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Lesbian Whipmates (Anonymous)

Lesbian Whipmates by Anonymous

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Lesbian discipline occurs in various contexts. It may simply involve a severe young woman punishing her pretty young room-mate or girlfriend upon some pretext as a form of erotic foreplay. Or it may involve a school-teacher disciplining an attractive young pupil for the teacherís sexual gratification.

The object of lesbian discipline may be male as well as female. A dominant lesbian may discipline an adolescent male under her control by spanking him and compelling him to submit to her bizarre sexual commands. Or a dominant lesbian may require an adult male to serve as her sex slave.
Here, in a series of intriguing and highly erotic case studies, the entire gamut of lesbian activity is explored in great detail.

Product type: EBook    Published by: Fiction4All    Published: 7 / 2016

No. words: 41000

Style: Fem Dom - F/F, Fem Dom - F/M, Spanking Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  MS Reader  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle



Lesbian discipline occurs in various contexts. It may simply involve a severe young woman punishing her pretty, young roommate or girlfriend upon some pretext as a form of erotic foreplay. Or it may involve a schoolteacher disciplining an attractive young pupil for the teacherís sexual gratification. The object of lesbian discipline may be male as well as female. A dominant lesbian may discipline an adolescent male under her control by spanking him and compelling him to submit to her bizarre sexual commands. Or a dominant lesbian may require an adult male to serve as her sex slave, requiring him to play a completely passive role and even compelling him to wear feminine clothing.
The growing importance of lesbian discipline as an appropriate subject for psychosexual study should not be underestimated. In the past several years, a number of developments have contributed to the emergence of lesbian discipline as an increasingly important factor in sexual relationships. These developments include (1) a changing public attitude towards lesbianism, (2) a changing outlook by lesbians themselves including a growing willingness to publicly acknowledge their sexual preferences, (3) the development of the Gay Liberation Movement, particularly in the nationís universities, and (4) the rapidly developing Womenís Liberation Movement, particularly its younger members who openly proclaim: Ďmen are the enemyí!
When all these developments and crosscurrents are taken into account and evaluated, it can be seen why lesbian discipline is continually growing in importance. In the first place there are many more practising lesbians than in previous years, primarily because the young woman of today is both better informed and less inhibited than in previous years. In the past, lesbianism was considered a curse and women often did their best to suppress any lesbian tendencies they suspected in themselves. The young woman of today, however, is more likely to regard lesbianism as simply a form of sexual preference. If not a practising lesbian, she may nonetheless have girlfriends who are admitted lesbians. Under these circumstances, young women with lesbian tendencies are quite likely to permit such tendencies to be expressed in one manner or another.
Thus, young women with a submissive nature may find themselves under the control of their more dominant girlfriends, and those with dominant tendencies are likely to search for partners to dominate. For the most part, dominant lesbians confine their relationships to other women. However, others develop relationships with submissive men. Quite often these relationships are purely temporary and experimental in nature, although some dominant lesbians marry their male subjects. In such situations it goes without saying that the sexual relationship between the parties is usually somewhat unusual and may in fact be nearly the opposite of the conventional male-female relationship.
In this book we intend to review the entire range of lesbian disciplinary practices. We will begin with a review of lesbian discipline as practised in the modern home, in schools, and among young career women sharing apartments. We will then examine the role of the dominant female in her relationships with both males and females. Finally, we will review the disciplinary practices of the various lesbian-orientated clubs that have emerged in recent years.
At the outset, some initial observations about the relationship between lesbianism and sadomasochism might be in order. Despite the modern trend towards more liberal attitudes, a large residue of Victorian morality remains in our culture. Thus many young women who experience lesbian tendencies do their utmost to suppress them. Some, in fact, are so successful in repressing such tendencies that they are even unaware of them and would in many cases be both surprised and shocked to be informed that they are unconsciously lesbians.
Suppressed drives and tendencies, however, must find some form of expression. Depending on the degree of suppression and other factors, the form of expression that emerges may effectively disguise the original drive or tendency. Thus, a woman who is unconsciously lesbian, will nevertheless express her suppressed tendencies in one manner or another. One of the more common forms of such expression is feminine domination. That is not to say all dominant females have unconscious lesbian tendencies, but it does mean that many women, so inclined, are dominant females. Indeed, feminine domination is in some respects an ideal solution for the problems of unconscious lesbianism. In other words, feminine domination permits a woman a form of sexual enjoyment and involvement that does not violate her conscious scruples against an outright lesbian relationship.
A couple of brief examples might make the point more obvious. Suppose for example a dominant female teacher disciplines a pretty, teenage pupil by spanking and - to shame her - requires her to perform cunnilingus for her. In such a situation, the teacher acquires sexual gratification in a lesbian manner, but under circumstances that enable her to rationalise to herself that she is not in fact a lesbian since she can persuade herself that she was only punishing the girl. In this connection, it might be pointed out that the number of females in authority who employ cunnilingus as a shaming device is quite astonishing.
A further example can be seen in the case of a dominant female who has a submissive male under her control. There are, of course, many forms of domination that may be employed in such a situation - mental, bondage, corporal punishment, petticoat punishment, sexual humiliation and other humiliations. The form of acts employed by a dominant female will often reveal the extent of her unconscious lesbian tendencies.
A woman who is unconsciously lesbian will make a strong effort to feminise her victim - compelling him to dress in womenís clothing, making him perform cunnilingus for her, and perhaps even making him submit to Ďintercourseí with a dildo, or similar object. Thus she can indulge in activities of a basically lesbian nature while rationalising to herself that she is not a lesbian since her partner or victim is a male. In addition, having a masculine victim has the secondary benefit of permitting her to gratify her conscious (or unconscious) hostilities towards the male. Here again, it should be emphasised that not all dominant females are unconsciously lesbian, and petticoat punishment and other forms of feminisation may be employed only because they happen to be extremely effective with the particular victim involved.
Thus, feminine domination can be one form of expression of unconscious lesbian tendencies. Another is feminine submission. Let us suppose, for example, that a young woman of a generally submissive nature has unconscious, but quite strong, lesbian tendencies. For her, lesbian masochism provides an ideal solution for her dilemma. Spanked and threatened with further severe punishment from a dominant female, she can permit herself to perform lesbian acts she would not otherwise bring herself to do while at the same time rationalising to herself that she is being forced to submit. The rationalisation that she has been coerced into performing such acts enables her to avoid the guilt feelings she might otherwise find quite overwhelming.
It can therefore be seen that lesbian discipline plays a vital and often essential role in a variety of relationships. Lesbian discipline is always erotic discipline, although there are numerous situations where the participants may not be aware of the implications of their actions. In this chapter we will examine some case histories intended to give the reader a general introduction to the subject of lesbian discipline. The first involves a typical relationship between an older lesbian and her young roommate. The second involves a dominant female and her relationships with submissive members of both sexes. The third involves an extremely beautiful young woman who dominates her girlfriends completely.

Case History No 1

Rita T is an attractive young woman of twenty who works as a secretary for a large insurance firm having its principal headquarters in San Francisco. Rita, a shapely, eye-catching brunette of medium height, has many offers for dates, but routinely turns them down for reasons that will become clear later. She grew up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, and moved to San Francisco after finishing high school.
For the past year, Rita has shared an apartment with Kathy L, a thirty-two year old assistant manager of a fabrics store. A strikingly tall brunette, Kathy is attractive, but in quite a severe manner. She always dresses conservatively, wears little make-up, and usually wears her hair in a severe bun at the nape of her neck. An intelligent and extremely aggressive woman, Kathy dominates her younger roommate completely. Over the past few years, she has had a succession of younger roommates, all of whom have been under her domination completely.
In the following report, Rita describes her home background and her relationship with Kathy:
I grew up being used to discipline. In our home, my mother always enforced her rules with the back of a hairbrush. I had two sisters, one younger, one older, and all three of us could expect to be spanked whenever our mother thought it necessary, right up to the time we were well developed and in high school. Our mother believed in frequent, but not overly hard spankings, which meant that all three of us got it at least once a week, although there were times when we had it two, or even three times a week. For certain offences, our mother employed group punishment - spanking all three of us, even though only one of us had done wrong.
When something came up, our mother would make the culprit bring her the solid wooden hairbrush that was always kept on her vanity table. As humiliating as it was to fetch the hairbrush when we were quite grown-up, we never stalled because we knew only too well this would mean longer and harder punishment. The spankings were always administered on the spot where she happened to be. She would pull up a chair and sit down, and, smacking the brush lightly against her open palm, would tell you to get ready.
In her opinion, a spanking had to be administered on the bare bottom to be effective, and there was simply no point in trying to argue. Even though it was only a family affair, we always found it thoroughly embarrassing to bare our backsides, particularly when we were well-grown young ladies wearing fashionable clothes. I can well remember how my sisters blushed when they had to gather their skirts up around their waists, and pull down their panties; and I know I always blushed as much as they did.
With our skirts up and panties down, we had to stretch out over our motherís lap with our bare bottoms sticking up higher than the rest of our bodies. When we were in just the right position to suit her, she would pause a few moments to scold us and make sure we understood why we were being spanked. Despite our embarrassment, none of us could keep from squirming and puckering shamefully when we lay there with our bare bottoms anxiously awaiting the brush.
Finally, the spanking would begin. Although our mother didnít believe in spanking too severely, each blow of that hard-backed hairbrush would sting furiously when it landed on our plump, bare bottoms. And she would spread the spanks around, covering both cheeks and concentrating on the tender, lower parts. As our backsides turned pink and glowed warmly, each fresh spank stung all the more and it wasnít long before we were crying and kicking our legs wildly back and forth. And despite all our tears and good promises, no spanking came to a halt until our bottoms were fire-red and we were thrashing about frantically on her lap.
For the group-punishment sessions, the procedure was different. She would delegate one of us to get the hairbrush, then the three of us would line up along one side of the dining-room table. After hoisting our skirts and lowering our panties, we had to bend forward over the table with our bare bottoms jutting out behind. She would then walk up and down behind us, putting the brush to each of us. This could go on for several minutes, and before she finished all three of us would be in tears, with our backsides crimson.
In Motherís opinion, a girl simply didnít get too old to be spanked. I can remember my older sister still getting spankings even when she was over twenty and engaged to be married. Her last spanking came only a week before she was married and I can still recall it vividly. Despite her pleas to be spared, Mother made her bring the hairbrush to her right in the living room in front of the rest of the family. Blushing furiously and blinking back the tears, my sister hoisted her navy-blue skirt and white slip up, and pulled down her pantie girdle and stockings. Mother made her stretch out over her knees, and then proceeded to give her bare bottom a good, long work-out with the brush. My sister was sobbing bitterly when Mother finally released her.
Despite the embarrassment and pain of those maternal spankings, I must admit I always found them exciting. Lying on my bed afterwards, with my bottom still glowing and prickling from the hair-brushing, I could never resist playing with myself and would invariably have a quite intense orgasm. Although it wasnít so exciting as being spanked, I found it stimulating to watch my sisters being spanked. And after watching one of those sessions, I would often retire to my room and masturbate while imagining myself on the receiving end of the spanking. I might add that I donít think the rest of the family ever realised how these spanking sessions affected me, although there were times when I couldnít see how Mother could help notice.
When I moved to San Francisco to take a job after finishing high school, I just assumed Iíd had my last beating. This was several months before I met Kathy. She bore a close resemblance to my mother in both appearance and personality, and I found myself strongly attracted to her right from the beginning. The first time we went out to dinner, I made a point of telling her how much I thought she resembled my mother, and also let her know in detail how strict she had been. She seemed pleased and, to my surprise, asked me if I would like to share her apartment, adding, with a knowing smile, that a young lady like myself probably needed some supervision. I quickly accepted, although I must admit I was a little frightened of her.
As soon as I moved in with her, Kathy began bossing me around and kept making remarks like: ĎIíll turn you over my knee if you donít do what I say!í and so on. Naturally I couldnít help blushing vividly on such occasions and could never manage to look her in the eye. After I had been there about a week, I finally got my first spanking from her. I deliberately provoked the incident by not doing several chores she had assigned me. When she saw I had deliberately disobeyed, she grabbed me by the arm and started marching, remarking: Ďitís about time I gave you a real good spanking!í
In the bedroom she seated herself on the side of the bed and demanded I roll my dress and slip up tightly to the waist. To my exquisite humiliation, the spot in my panties was quite visible as I stood there in front of her with my skirts rolled up. Blushing and keeping my eyes averted, I swallowed hard and felt my knees growing weak as she very slowly rolled my panties down, finally letting them slide to my ankles. Leaving my garter belt and stockings in place, she patted her knee as a signal for me to get into position.
I lowered myself over her lap, feeling my moist hairs brushing against her nylons. She pulled my skirts back well out of the way, clasped her left hand across the small of my back, and promptly started smacking my bare bottom with her other hand. It stung nicely right from the start and I soon found myself squirming shamefully on her lap. She smacked my bottom all over with crisp, ringing smacks, which soon had me burning smartly and kicking my nylon-clad legs in the air. It wasnít long before I was in tears and jerking my hips back and forth. I had never been so worked up in my life, and her stockings were soon soaked with my fluids. Finally, to my great embarrassment, I climaxed right on her lap.
She realized what had happened and quickly stopped. Afterward she held me close while I had a good cry on her shoulder. She began kissing me, lightly at first on both lips and my face, then gradually began kissing me harder. To my surprise I soon found myself responding. A long petting session followed during which she allowed her tongue to slip into my mouth on several occasions. Although at first I found the idea of French kissing with another girl deeply shocking, I couldnít bring myself to pull away from her, and finally began responding with my own tongue. With our tongues plunged deeply into each otherís mouths, it wasnít long before I reached another climax.
After this, the spankings and petting sessions became almost a nightly ritual. As we became more involved, we began disrobing completely before the spanking session, and Kathy would frequently make me undress her. Although she usually dresses in a manner that conceals it, she has a lovely figure and I could never keep from staring at those full, pink breasts and that heavy growth of dark brown hair between her legs. After the spanking had set me on fire, we would stretch out on the bed together and explore each otherís body with our hands and tongues. She would tell me things to do for her, and I could never bring myself to disobey. Finally one evening, when she had me thoroughly aroused, she drew her knees back and spread her legs apart. ĎGo ahead, Rita, I want you to lick me all over down there!í she said quietly.
Although there had been a time in my life when I had thought I couldnít possibly do such a thing for another girl, I found her impossible to resist. Blushing furiously, I knelt down between her long legs and stared at the coral groove that was almost hidden by the thick undergrowth of brown hair. Slipping my hands under her hips to elevate them slightly, I gradually lowered my face until my cheeks were brushing against her hairs. She was already quite moist and I could feel her pelvic muscles working back and forth. She drew one leg back and draped it over my shoulder while at the same time using her hands to press my face gently but firmly down against her damp nest.
As soon as I felt my lips pressing against her vulva, I stuck out my tongue and began working it around. She gasped loudly and began working her hips back and forth. I quickly lost all my inhibitions and started licking her all over, working up and down the full length of her split. She began secreting quite heavily, soaking my face and forcing me to swallow her honey. I worked my fingers between the outer lips of her cunny, pulling them apart with a pretty squish and plunging my tongue deeply into her. She uttered a pronounced gasp and began jerking her hips frantically back and forth again, holding my head down against her with both hands. Sucking heavily on her fluids I worked my tongue around her clitoris and felt her jerk convulsively in response. She suddenly reached an intense climax, mashing my face against her wet charms until it was over.
Since that time, I have been her sex slave in every way, and thatís the way both of us want it. She spanks me soundly for the slightest reason, then makes me perform cunnilingus for her. Afterward, she will use either a dildo or her hands to bring me to a climax. Although she dominates me completely, she is really quite nice about it and seems to understand exactly what I need better than I do myself.Ē

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