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Brother XII: The False Messiah (Isabella Lamont)

Brother XII: The False Messiah by Isabella Lamont

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Imagine a mysterious sex cult with over 200 members--all attractive, fit couples--living together on a private island. Every evening with the entire group naked, their mystic guru takes them through a series of erotic exercises to achieve nirvana or sexual purity.

Meet the world's greatest con artist, Archie Blackmoor. Born with near supernatural charisma, he can charm the pants off anyone he likes. He has created a new religion called the Aquarian Society--he is its leader, known as Brother Twelve. His secret objective is to defraud his flock of millions of dollars.

Blackmoor's story is told by his four closest associates. His lawyer, the beautiful Lacie Nicky. Next is his best friend Rico Corrado, a member of the Italian Mafioso. Third is former lover, Elizabeth Leeds with the British Foreign Service. The forth is Marie Claire Storm, a statuesque black fashion model who becomes Madame X—Blackmoor's day-to-day leader on the island. We experience their sexual escapades all over the world.

You will be fascinated with this powerful study of human sexuality and greed.

Product type: EBook    Published by:     Published: 6 / 2016

No. words: 89455

Style: Dark Secrets Erotica, Adult Suspense/Thrillers

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


The Seduction of Tony Green

I made a few adjustments to my outfit, closed my purse, and headed back out to his office, my jacket draped over my arm.
“It’s warm in here, Mr. Greenburg,” I said as I came back into his office, laying my jacket over a chair. I was delighted that he was almost at a loss for words, noticing the changes in my appearance. He’d closed the blinds, giving us total privacy from the hallway.
I walked across the office to the western window, looking down at the freighters anchored in Puget Sound. With my legs spread lightly, the slit on the side of the skirt now exposed my right thigh nearly to my hip. The top of the stocking and garter were visible. I was clenching my ass so my butt cheeks stood proud and firm. I had removed the camisole and undone the top three buttons of my blouse. I knew my slim body and right titty would be backlit and clearly outlined in the light streaming through the glass.
After a minute of feeling his eyes drilling into me from behind, I turned and walked to him—he was sitting with his ass on the edge of his desk. He had utterly lost his cool; this was a hundred times more erotic than he’d ever imagined in his wildest dreams. For perhaps the first time in his adult life, he was speechless. I moved to him so his knees gently touched the fronts of my thighs.
Now that my blouse was unbuttoned at the top, he could see three inches of deep smooth cleavage. Through the sheer fabric of the blouse, he could just make out the darker skin of my areola. He could clearly see my hardened nipples, straining outwards against the sheer fabric, begging to be touched and tweaked.
I’d set the hook. Now I just had to make goddamned sure that we understood each other. I wasn’t about to rock this asshole’s world and then get sent on my way—cap in hand.
“Mr. Greenburg,” I said, “You are a very sexy man. I would like to share some pleasures with you. I can assure you that I know some things that you’ve never even imagined. But I just need a little assurance that I’m going to have a long and prosperous career with Pinski, Levy, and Hollis. Do you see that happening?”
“As a matter of fact, I do,” he said, with some difficulty. His breathing was a bit more ragged than minutes earlier.
“That’s wonderful,” I gushed, bouncing just a bit so he could see the size and heft of my titties. “Can you see it in your heart to dictate a letter of invitation to join the company? You probably have form letters and could have your secretary type one up. We could collect it at her desk in a few minutes when it’s ready? I can assure you Mr. Greenburg; we do not want to be interrupted as we discuss the nature of my employment. Don’t you agree?”
While saying this to him, I’d unbuttoned another button and allowed the blouse to fall open so my breasts were half exposed to him. He’d almost quit breathing.
“By all means,” he managed to squeak.
I moved over to the couch and sat, slipped off my shoes, and put my legs and feet up on the coffee table. The bottom edge of my skirt fell to the floor, thanks to the slit—most of my right thigh was exposed, including the top of my stocking, the lace garter and a few inches of flesh above. He swallowed hard, licked his lips, and touched a button on his telephone. He didn’t need to dial; his secretary picked up instantly. She was on the speaker.
“Yes Mr. Greenburg?”
Greenburg gave her instructions; to type an ‘offer of employment’ letter for Miss Nickie. “I’ll come and get it in about twenty minutes.” he said. “Oh, and please hold my calls until you hear from me.”
“Yes sir,” and the speaker went quiet.
He glanced over at me; I could see his breath catch in his throat. While he’d been talking, I’d slowly raised one leg so the view under the slit of my skirt went right up to my crotch. While in his washroom, I’d also removed my panties. I pointed my forefinger at him and crooked it, inviting him to come over and join me on the couch.
He rose, walked first to his office door, and slid a locking bolt into place. Now we were assured privacy. He took a few more steps and stood directly in front of me. I slowly rose to my feet and undid the remaining buttons of my blouse. But I didn’t remove it—I knew that my big titties, bobbing in and out view, would be considerably more erotic to him. I pulled his hands through the open front of my blouse, encouraging him to fondle them; to sense their full weight and to pinch my nipples. It felt wonderful. But this little session was not for me; it was going to be completely for him.
I sat again, my face at the same level as his belt buckle and proceeded to undo his pants. The style of the day was baggy and in a few seconds, they’d fallen to his feet. The front of his dress shirt covered his groin. I reached under and slipped my fingers over the waistband of his boxers, slowly pulling them down past his knees until they too, were at his ankles. Slowly I undid the buttons of his shirt and spread it, revealing a very hard upright cock. It wasn’t the longest I’ve ever seen, but it was plenty big enough. His thighs were muscular, as was his stomach—he was in excellent condition for a man his age.
I told him what a beautiful cock he had and just stared at it for a minute, making him anticipate what I was going to do next. I leaned back against the couch, pulling my blouse open, fully exposing my jiggling titties. His eyes locked on them hungrily. Now I leaned forward and touched the tip of his cock with a forefinger. A large clear drop of slippery lubricant had formed there and I wiped it across the skin of his swollen purple glans. He moaned slightly as I did it.
Now I leaned forward and took the tip of his cock slowly into my mouth, letting my lips squeeze and rub the edge of his glans as it slipped in. With my tongue, I swirled around the head, poking and prodding; exploring every tiny bit of him. Suddenly I pushed forward, taking his entire cock into my mouth until I felt him filling my throat and blocking my windpipe. I didn’t mind—I held my breath and pushed harder, until my lips were pressed tightly to the skin of his groin; his entire cock deep inside my mouth. Then I slowly let him slide out. I looked up at him.
“Do you like that Mr. Greenburg? Has anyone ever done that for you before?” His breathing was heavy, like he’d just run a marathon.
“Never like that,” he managed to say.
I could tell he was close. I took him back into my mouth and just held him there, tickling occasionally with my tongue. Now I could feel him getting desperate. “Please! Please!” he gasped. “This is torture!”
I backed away. “You’re right, baby—that’s exactly what it is.”
Now I began to move, forcing his cock in and out of my mouth, his glans slamming into my throat and down my gullet an inch or two. I reached down and rubbed my pussy under my skirt. I wouldn’t have time to finish, but it felt good anyway and he could see me doing it.
I could tell he was there; all the muscles of his back and buttocks were tightening and his breath was coming in a series of short frantic gasps. I dug my fingernails deeply into the flesh of his ass, pulling him hard into my face. His cock started to pulsate deep in my mouth and I felt hot thick liquid surging against the back of my throat; filling my mouth as his cock pumped out more and more of it. I could taste the familiar salty flavor. I let it gush along his cock, flow over my tongue then spill out the corners of my mouth, down my chin and pulling aside the front of my blouse, let it splatter down over my fully exposed breasts. One large elastic tendril of his spunk hung like a sticky icicle from my right nipple.
The office was soundproof but Greenburg had clamped a hand over his mouth to prevent screaming out loud. Looking down, he could see his cock utterly embedded in my mouth and streams of ejaculate erupting from the corners of my lips, flowing down the front of my body. His knees buckled and with his cock slipping out of my mouth, he went down hard on his ass on the coffee table, gasping like a war horse.
I grabbed my purse and headed back to his washroom to clean up. A minute later, I looked just like I had when we’d met earlier in reception. He was adjusting his clothing too.
“Mr. Greenburg,” I said. “That’s not going to happen every day; just every now and then. I’m going to be the hardest working lawyer you’ve ever hired and the best piece of ass you’ll have in your entire life. I guarantee that. But in this firm I will be a small woman in a man’s world. I need a friend and I need you to be that friend. And I promise you will never regret it. Do you believe me, Mr. Greenburg?”
He stared back at me, just now getting his breathing somewhat under control.
“When it’s just the two of us, call me Tony.”

Author Information

Isabella is a professional in the IT industry.

A few years ago during a work separation, she and her significant other exchanged some 'steamy' letters. She enjoyed it so much, she decided to write some highly erotic stories.

Isabella likes to develop her characters before getting to the really hot bits. But when she gets you there, hold on to your hat (or whatever else you have handy...).



Publisher Information

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