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Watching My Stepmother's Exam (Sylvia Redmond)

Watching My Stepmother


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Barbara was Stephen's sexy stepmother. Widowed and lonely, she asked Stephen for a ride to see her doctor. It was just a simple medical exam, she told him. She just needed him to wait in the office until it was finished to give her a ride home.

If it meant spending a few extra minutes with the sexy, older woman he would do it. And when he realized the exam room had an observation window, he told himself he would watch to make sure she would be alright. He would do anything for her after all - and that afternoon he would do a little bit more.

Exactly what kind of exam is it this doctor is giving Barbara? And is it safe to leave her all alone and unprotected on the exam room table?

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 06 / 2016

No. words: 4500

Style: Medical Erotica, Open Minded Erotica - Step-Parents

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Ok, let’s have a look” he said. “Go ahead and remove your bra


I watched her as she nodded her head and reached behind her
with one hand. Her fingers twitched and a second later the two
ends of the bra straps were undone in her hands. I watched as she
brought the straps down and around her body and the bra slipped
off her huge rack. Her heavy tits swung free as she straightened up
her posture.

The doctor moved around her and looked at her big knockers. I
couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his head as he
reached out with his hands. I knew this guy probably felt a
hundred boobs during the course of the week. Still, her big tits
were perfect and hung there like ripe melons as he grabbed them
with his hands.

She closed her eyes and put her head back slightly as he grasped
her right breast and started to feel it. He was running his hands all
over it and even from where I was I could see her nipple hardening.
His fingers were tantalizingly close to her nipple, close enough to
be a tease.

“I don’t feel anything out of the ordinary Barbara” he said.
“Where exactly was it you felt the problem?”

My cock was aching as she opened her eyes and raised her hand
to show him. She pointed haphazardly to a spot on her chest and
he increased his handling of her big breast. She dropped her hand
and put her head back as he explored. I watched as he got his
fingers closer to her nipple and eventually included them in his

He stroked her hard nub and pulled on it gently, eliciting a
murmur from her. He then took his hands off of her and stepped

“I think you’re ok dear, I don’t feel anything” he said. “Now
why don’t you slip out of your underpants and let me have a look
down below.

Author Information

I'm a naughty wife and mother of two who likes to write about things I've experienced and things I've fantasized about. If you like reading about the loves and kinks of MILF housewives then you should have one as your author - you came to the right place!

Please feel free to write me a review, drop me a 'like' or give me a 'follow'. I love hearing from readers and if there is a specific kink you'd like to read about in your next book, I would love to be the one to scratch that itch for you.

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Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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