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Camp Wannabang (Faye Valentine)

Camp Wannabang by Faye Valentine


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Deep in financial trouble, Emma agrees to a summer trip to a special campground where she will receive a world-class sexual education and training as an amateur porn star. And in return, she will not only be paid enough money to get her loved ones out of debt, but to send her to college as well. With dreams of a bright new future on her mind, she steps on the bus for her summer vacation at Camp Wannabang.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 06 / 2016

No. words: 12990

Style: Open Minded Erotica - Step-Siblings, Young Adult Erotica

Available Formats: Palm  MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  Sony Reader (LRF)  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


“Alright ladies and gentlemen,” a busty brunette names Candice said staring back at the passengers “you will follow me to registration where you will be tagged and accounted for. Come on, the quicker we get through this the quicker you can get some rest.”
The new arrivals followed Candice out of the bus and into the long log cabin structure where they were hit by the coolness of central air – a welcome pleasure after so many hours locked in a stuffy box with nothing but hot, stale air to breath. Ahead was a granite counter were three topless women sat at computers. To the far right was a lounge area with two vending machines against one wall and a huge television secured to another.
“Alright, listen up,” Candice commanded. “Camp Wannabang is a nudist only campground so strip out of your clothes and fold them neatly. You will not be requiring them for the duration of your stay.”
“Well, at least I’ll finally be able to work on my all over tan,” A petite raven-haired woman said as she tugged her skirt down her legs. Judging on her paleness, Mark figured she had not seen much sunlight, or was incapable of tanning.
“That you will,” Candice smiled. “Anyone here claiming virginity please raise your hand.” All of the men including Mark and five of the women including Emma raised their hands. “Okay, listen carefully. If you are claiming anal virginity only step to the first line there on your left. If you are claiming vaginal virginity only step to the middle line behind me and if you are claiming both then step to the line to your right. The rest of you will form a line along the left wall. I’ll return in a few minutes.
While Candice disappeared into another room, those in the three lines gave their information. And were told to stand on the right wall opposite the others. Mark and Emma stood next to each other and fought to keep their hands to themselves. “I told her I wanted you to take my virginity,” Emma said to her step-brother.
“Good. Because I told them I wanted you to take mine, Mark smiled in reply.”
“Yep. It’s only fair, right?”
“God, I fucking love you!” Reaching down, she wrapped her fingers around his cock and began stroking it until Candice emerged with four tattoo-covered men pushing carts.
“Alright campers,” Candice said “you will now be tagged. Each of you will receive a ring in your right nipple which a small ID tag containing all of your information will be attached to. When the piercers are done, those of you along the left wall will follow me and those on the right will remain here to have your virginity confirmed by the doctors.”

Author Information

Faye Valentine is a lover of taboo erotica and pushing the boundaries of what is proper. A rule breaker to the core, she is always excited by the taboo things proper girls are supposed to ignore. Oh well, Faye was never a proper girl anyways!
Living on the fringe of society in farm country Ohio where her imagination gallops unfettered across the plains of fetish, she craves all things kinky and has a difficult time reining in her lascivious libido.


Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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