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Cate: A Caregiver Providing Real Care - Part 1 (Elizabeth Thorn)

Cate: A Caregiver Providing Real Care - Part 1 by Elizabeth Thorn


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Cate, a caregiver, learns a very new definition of taking care of a patient. One that she has to balance with the moral obligations that she has as a married woman. Slowly but steadily she reaches the point of no return. How will her husband respond once he finds out what she's been doing on the job?

Product type: EBook    Published by: Boruma Publishing    Published: 05 / 2016

No. words: 5686

Style: MILF Erotica, Medical Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle


Happily married with children, and a job she loved, not to mention her two cats. A house in a good part of town, and a job that gave her a sense of fulfillment. All of that applied to Cate, but still she wasnít happy; one thing was missing.

Something she was too embarrassed to admit, even to herself, and during her seventeen yearsof marriage, she had pushed it to the back of her mind. However, over the last two years, this denial had started to take its toll on her psychologically, and she had started to avoid sex altogether.

She had always been passionate and loved sex, but in that area her husband, unfortunately, fell short. Not because of lack of passion on his side or skill for that matter, but, to her shame, because he wasnít packing the cock that she longed for; a knowledge that made her blush as it made her appear like a shallow slut in her own eyes.

What kind of woman would avoid sex with her own husband, simply because he didnít have the cock she longed for, she asked herself with a degree self-judgment. But the truth was, after all those many years of unsatisfying sex, she no longer had the heart to subject herself to another sex session that would only leave her sad and unfulfilled, her heart hurt too much to stand it any longer.

So, she avoided it altogether. Tried not to think or talk about it.

Whenever her husband made advances that she knew would lead to sex, she came up with an excuse that sounded fake even to her own ears. And even though she hated to see how the man she loved suffered because of it, she just didnít have the heart to carry on with the sex-life they had had.

In order to distract herself from her sexual frustrations and the heartache that came with them, she gave her best to her role as a loving wife, minus the physical aspects, mother and caregiver. Instead of indulging in the passionate sex she longed for, she worked out her frustrations by visiting the gym three times a week; visits that helped to preserve the seductive figure Mother Nature had provided her with.

At five feet nine inches tall and with a well-proportioned ass and large breasts, she knew she was still a very attractive woman. Her light blonde hair that shone healthily, the ends just skimming her shoulders and her bright green eyes in combination with a perfect smile still made plenty of men, and some women too, turn their heads.

At thirty-eight though, she was starting to feel like an old spinster thanks to the sexless affair that her marriage had become. She tried not think of it though, hoping that with time, her wounds would heal. Hopefully before her refusal to have sex would ruin her marriage.

Today she had a new customer, a man in his twenties, paralyzed from the neck down; she was looking forward to getting to know him. Her work gave her a great sense of accomplishment and pride; it made her feel as though she actually made a difference in the lives of others. Personally, she could not think of a more fulfilling way to spend her time.

The fact that her new client lived in one of the best areas in town told her that he or his family had serious money. Good, she thought, that means they can afford many hours of care; she hated it when money turned into a reason for cutting short the care that she knew was needed and wanted to provide, but couldnít because they couldnít afford to pay the hours. Quite often she ended up giving more than she was paid for, but she knew her pro bono activities did cut into her own paycheck and cost her family money that they could very well use themselves.

During her introduction with Abel, his parents had been present and she felt they had all gotten along marvelously. There was an instant rapport of mutual trust and like between them. Afterwards, the family had trusted her with the keys to his condo, a place large enough to house a family, and told her to contact her if ever she needed them. She was to watch over him, bathe him, feed him, and keep him company from eight am until four pm; there were two other caregivers who each took care of him during 8 hour slots each.

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