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The Coed Experiment 6 (Sylvia Redmond)

The Coed Experiment 6 by Sylvia Redmond


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Dr. Foster is in the final stages of fertility testing for his company's new experimental treatment. Up until this point he has been testing on a strictly coed population but he realizes that the market for this treatment is older females who are having trouble conceiving. He's finding out that not only are they the market for the treatment, but they are extremely eager test subjects as well...

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 03 / 2016

No. words: 5000

Style: Medical Erotica, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Dr. Foster was nearing the end of his drug trials. His RD2 drug was sure to make him a millionaire many times over. While originally conceived as a breast augmentation drug, he quickly realized that it had implications for male sex organ growth as well as acting as an aggressive libido booster in both males and females. His most profitable angle, however, may be marketing it as a fertility wonder drug.
Foster recently realized the only flaw in his testing was his insistence that they use college coeds as test subjects. All of his fertility testing so far had been on college age females, but they were not the logical market for fertility drugs. Foster knew he needed to test against females in the 30 – 40 something age range; they were the ones trying to get pregnant and they had money to spend when their attempts failed.
He was also finding out that older women who were having trouble conceiving were the most willing test participants. Where the female coeds had been motivated by the money they received, the older females were driven by the biological need to become mothers. When denied the ability to get pregnant, whether it by an infertile partner or some other biological discrepancy, these women became frenzied and overzealous test subjects.
He didn’t even have the need to make them blind test subjects. They knew the details about what was involved when they signed up – the only thing they weren’t fully disclosed on was the veracity of the male subject they would be paired with, but that was ok. Foster figured it was a small price for them to pay in order to conceive by the benefit of his wonder drug. His biggest challenge during this last phase of testing was screening all the applicants for ones that at least resembled the ‘MILF’ stereotype. He needed to make it worthwhile for his male participant in his study after all…

Chapter 1
Dr. Foster was watching through the two way mirror as his head nurse Karen brought his next test subject into the exam room and had her strip and put on her examination gown.
Foster had just interviewed Kimberly Jennings earlier that week. She was 39 years old which was on the upper end of his age scale but her physical features more than made up for her age. Kimberly was a beautiful blonde with a large chest, and Foster like blondes. She was also extremely distraught about her troubles getting pregnant. She had told him she and her husband had all but given up on the costs of the adoption route when she saw his advertisement for his fertility study.
He was blunt with her, explaining that it was his male subject that was taking the fertility drug he wanted to study. In order for her to participate she would need to have sexual intercourse with him in a scientifically controlled environment to see if she would conceive. When she heard about his extremely high potency and his high conception rate so far, she didn’t even blink and signed up on the spot. And here she was, naked in Foster’s exam room with only a thin paper gown covering her voluptuous body.
Karen was in the process of preparing Kimberly. Foster’s team had recently been using a lubricating gel with the female subjects to make it easier for them to handle Josh’s size. When they introduced the RD2 to the gel they realized, not surprisingly, that it got the female subjects extremely excited. Foster gave Karen instructions to apply the gel to Kimberly and let her sit in the exam room for about 15 minutes before bringing in Josh.
Foster knew the effect the gel had on these women. It started as a slow itch and slowly developed into a burning throb that usually had them bringing their hands between their legs in an effort to rub themselves without even realizing it. He knew the gel would help Josh to achieve climax also and was curious to see the effects it would have on Kimberly after sitting for 15 minutes.
He watched as Karen leaned Kimberly back on the exam table and opened her gown. Kimberly was a good test subject and was completed naked under the gown. Foster could see her jump when Karen squeezed some of their gel out onto her pussy and start to work it all over her. She was instructed to tell Karen it was a gel to aid in conception, which she did as she applied it thoroughly through the blond woman’s pussy. Foster could see easily from where he was sitting that Kimberly was beginning to flush and her nipples appeared to be hardening.
Foster also knew that Karen was enjoying this and would take her time applying the gel to this gorgeous woman. Karen had a questionable moral ethic that rivaled Foster’s and also enjoyed touching the females. Karen also knew the effect the gel would have on Kimberly so would be relishing this. Foster watched as she finished with Kimberly and told her to sit tight, their male subject would be in the room shortly.

Chapter 2
Kimberly sat in the exam room trying to be patient. She wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from the test male that the doctor kept talking about. All she knew is he gave her very high odds on conceiving by having sex with him. She was sure he would be professional, and if it meant holding a baby in nine months she really didn’t care if he was professional or not.
She crossed and uncrossed her legs on the exam table. It occurred to her that she was starting to get uncomfortable. Whatever the head nurse had put on her vagina must be having some kind of reaction because she felt herself started to itch down there. She put her right hand down to rub where it itched and immediately felt herself flush. She became aware of her nipples becoming erect and poking against the stupid hospital gown as well.
The room seemed to be getting warmer and Kimberly crossed and uncrossed her legs again and realized she could not get comfortable unless she touched herself down there again. She was apprehensive about touching herself though in case someone came walking into the room.
“Fuck – what the hell was that stuff” she thought to herself as she fidgeted and tried to find a comfortable way to sit on the table. She was just starting to lower her hand under the gown when the door to the room opened and a young college kid came in.
“Hi Kimberly, my name’s Josh” the college kid said.

Author Information

I'm a naughty wife and mother of two who likes to write about things I've experienced and things I've fantasized about. If you like reading about the loves and kinks of MILF housewives then you should have one as your author - you came to the right place!

Please feel free to write me a review, drop me a 'like' or give me a 'follow'. I love hearing from readers and if there is a specific kink you'd like to read about in your next book, I would love to be the one to scratch that itch for you.

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Publisher Information

This story has been self-published by the author

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