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The Coed Experiment 4 (Sylvia Redmond)

The Coed Experiment 4 by Sylvia Redmond


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Dr. Foster has put been testing his company's treatment on male and female libido and has had tremendous results. He thinks the treatment has even bigger potential for fertility testing though, he just needs a live test. He already has one male who has seen significant size increases from taking the treatment, if he can just pair him with one or two unsuspecting female test subjects, he should be able to find out. And he has just the girl in mind...

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 03 / 2016

No. words: 5000

Style: Medical Erotica, Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Dr. Robert Foster has a wonder drug on his hands. The laboratory had originally engineered RD2 as a breast augmentation drug. During their clinical testing it quickly became apparent that is had significant potential as a libido drug as well. Rigorous testing on both male and female subjects using a series of unconventional testing scenarios had yielded phenomenal results. In the case of the males, not only did it increase libido but it enhanced penis size, virtually guaranteeing them a drug that would bury the likes of Viagra.
He wasn’t prepared to stop there however. He wanted to find out if it had any impact, negative or positive, on fertility. He already knew that the female breast augmentation subjects experienced significant lactation side effects. He imagined that the male subjects would show reproductive benefits as well. If RD2 could be marketed as a libido enhancer AND a fertility drug, they would end up owning Wall Street.
He needed to do his initial testing using RD2 males. He needed to pair an RD2 male with a placebo or non-RD2 female test subject and see if pregnancy resulted. He suspected that the RD2 male would be extremely potent and his guess was that it would not take more than one test round to find that out.
But if it required several rounds of testing he was prepared for that also. He was, after all, a professional.

Chapter 1
Dr. Foster liked Josh. Josh had been one of his test subjects for the male libido-size enhancement testing, and he had come through with flying colors. He was atypical in regards to the other test subjects. Foster had hand-picked athletic, alpha male types for his other subjects; Josh was an engineering major more concerned with solving equations than he was with playing sports. It had occurred to Foster, not for the first time, that he probably liked Josh because he reminded him of a younger version of himself.
Josh was also smart enough to understand during their last round of testing that they weren’t involved in a sleep study at all. The other subjects probably understood that at this point, but were satisfied not to say anything since they were essentially getting paid to have sex. Josh had made a comment to his head nurse about it though, so it was time to approach him with an offer.
“Thanks for agreeing to meet with me Josh” Foster began. “I know you had expressed to Karen a bit of skepticism regarding the sleep study, and you’re correct. We’ve actually been testing a drug that has proven to have quite dramatic effects on virility, which I am sure you will agree with. I understand that you are an academic Josh, and I know that you can appreciate the importance of a blind approach to testing on the part of the subject.”
Josh took the compliment with a nod and let Foster continue.
“It is precisely because of your academic qualifications and your success during your phase of testing that I was interested in talking to you. I’d like to make you an offer. We are interested in expanding our test to determine the fertility effects of the drug that you’re on. Specifically I want to see how easily a RD2 subject – you – can inseminate a non-drug testing female subject.”
“It just so happens that I have a couple of female students from the placebo group of our female libido study that I had further enlisted for, shall we say, supplemental testing. I am prepared to offer you the equivalent of a junior scientist’s starting salary: $1500 a week through the life of the study or the rough equivalent of $80,000 a year. In return I would need you to sign this new NDA agreement and disclaimer form and be prepared to start with our testing right away.”
“The public health implications of this drug testing are significant Josh. I think you would be interested to know that…”
Josh reached over and took the documents from Foster and was starting to sign them. All he needed to hear was they needed him to screw some girl and he was going to be paid the equivalent of $80,000 a year. He would have been a little more discerning a couple of months ago, but all he was thinking about lately was sex so the decision was a no brainer.
He pushed the signed papers back to Dr. Foster and stood up offering him his hand.
“Glad to be part of the team Doctor” he said, shaking his hand and walking out of the office.
Foster wasn’t certain but he thought he was sporting an erection on his way out. “Yes, this is going to work out fine” he thought to himself.

Chapter 2
Josh was in his dorm room talking to his girlfriend Sara about his new job offer. He and Sara had only been going out for a couple of months. She was originally the perfect girl for him; a fellow engineering major with little interest in anything other than her academics and a bit socially awkward. Ironically she was the reason he found Dr. Foster’s clinic to begin with – he wanted an easy way to make money to take her out when he saw their advertisement for the sleep study.
He couldn’t tell her what the new job actually was – for one thing she would never stand for it but it was also a blatant violation of the agreement he signed which stipulated he couldn’t talk to anyone about it. He was fine with that – he didn’t want anyone knowing about it either. He was excited about the money though, and he was telling her all about it. The conversation was a bit one sided though, because he had her on her hands and knees and she was in the process of blowing him.
He had her strip before starting on him and he could see the reflection of her ass in the mirror on his door. If it was possible to get any harder he would have, but he was pretty sure his dick was already hard enough to cut a diamond – it always was lately.
“$80,000 a year to start Sara” he was saying. “Hopefully I can stay on after they are done with this round of testing and get a chance to advance with the company.”
She mouthed a “Uh huh” and kept trying to satiate him.
“This guy I’ll be working for is smart too. I mean, in theory I might be able to go directly to work for them and worry about my degree later.”
She stopped long enough to say “You can’t do that Josh. You’ve only got one more year left. You have to finish your degree.”
He listened to her long enough to guide his cock back into her mouth and let her continue on him. He knew finishing his degree was the common sense thing to do, sure. But since he had been taking this drug all he thought about was sex and his grades were starting to drop anyway. He really only threw the idea out there to see how it sounded, he wasn’t sure he could actually pull that off.
He looked down at Sara’s head bobbing up and down on his cock. He smoothed the hair away from her face and helped guide her head up and down. He knew there was no way she was ever going to get him off by blowing him. A couple of months ago she could have made him come by smiling at him the right way; lately he had to fuck her for 30 or 40 minutes before he would relieve himself. Frankly he was letting her blow him because he knew he would tire her out if they went straight to intercourse. But he was ready.
“You’re so sexy baby” he said to her and reached under her to pinch her nipples. A tired Sara moaned back at him with a mouth full of his cock.
He hopped up off the bed and moved behind her before she had fully realized what he was doing. That’s the way it was with Josh, she thought. He had so much energy lately it was useless to try to keep up with him – she merely hoped she could last long enough for him to get off.
She felt his hands on her hips and then his huge cock start to enter her. They had been intimate with each other for over a month now, you would think she would have gotten used to his size. But each time he entered her it felt like the first time all over again. She swore that thing got bigger every time she felt it in her.
“Oh my god Josh, easy” she started moaning as her body started to shudder.
He was used to this reaction and took it slow. “No problem baby” he said as he eased it back and forth into her, giving her pussy time to stretch to accommodate it.
“Maybe what I could do” he continued, “Is cut my school schedule back to like 9 credits a semester or something, you know? At least have a lighter workload while I am working for him.”
He was slowly rocking his hips back and forth, gently sliding his cock an inch further into Sara at a time, giving her time to breathe in and exhale as it stretched her open.
“It would take me an extra year to graduate. Actually no, if I cut myself to 6 credits a semester, then I could do it in a year and a half, wait…”
He was trying to do the math in his head while at the same time he finished getting the whole thing into her. She was aware he was still talking but stopped trying to listen when she felt his balls bump up against her. She was starting to have trouble breathing.
“Actually” he went on, “I wonder if the school would give me credits for working there for him. Yeah, that might work. I would need to ask the Doctor first, but I bet I could do that.”
He started to pull himself out while he was talking and she slowly exhaled. She felt every inch of his glorious cock as it slid slowly out of her and then it started traveling forward again and she started seeing stars.
“If I could get 6 or 9 credits working for him, that would be a game changer you know – oh wait, is that just for interns? I wonder if the salary thing would kill it for me, shit…”
He was lost in his own thoughts as he picked up the pace and had forgotten that he was fucking the shit out of Sara. He reached under her again involuntarily to pinch her nipples again while he was still working on his life’s plan.
“I’ll have to ask my academic advisor about it tomorrow. I think she has office hours…” he stopped when he realized Sara was convulsing on the end of his big dick in the throes of an orgasm. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her shaking body back onto him as she finished climaxing.
“Oh fuck it” he thought as he picked her limp body up and laid her spread eagle on the bed. “I can figure it out tomorrow” he thought to himself as he mounted her quivering body and started into her again.

Author Information

I'm a naughty wife and mother of two who likes to write about things I've experienced and things I've fantasized about. If you like reading about the loves and kinks of MILF housewives then you should have one as your author - you came to the right place!

Please feel free to write me a review, drop me a 'like' or give me a 'follow'. I love hearing from readers and if there is a specific kink you'd like to read about in your next book, I would love to be the one to scratch that itch for you.

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This story has been self-published by the author

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