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The Coed Experiment 3 (Sylvia Redmond)

The Coed Experiment 3 by Sylvia Redmond


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Josh sees an advertisement at the school bookstore for a sleep study and decides to participate. He is interested in making some money to take his new girlfriend out and it peeks his academic interest. Little does he know that he has stumbled on Dr. Foster's libido treatment trials. Foster now thinks his treatment will have effects on male libido, and more importantly on penis size. What will this mean for Josh and his new girlfriend?

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 03 / 2016

No. words: 5000

Style: Medical Erotica, Menage/Group Erotica

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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It had been a good couple of months for Dr. Robert Foster. He was pioneering research on what he believed would be the biggest thing to hit pharmaceuticals since Viagra. In fact, the sales of RD2 had the potential to triple that of Viagra in its first year.
It had originally been conceived as a breast augmentation drug, making it the first of its kind. Yes, there were some anomalies to work out, but those were strictly academic. Nothing would stop RD2 from going to market.
An offshoot of the breast augmentation study was testing on the perceived stimulus of the female libido. Women taking the drug seemed to exhibit an almost insatiable sexual appetite and seemed open to suggestion to almost anything. Their orgasm response was multiplied as well. Knowing that a large percentage of the female population struggled with these issues made Foster see even more green. If they had something that could increase breast size AND increase female libido the possibilities were endless. They weren’t even sure at this point who would be the primary marketing target – the woman who desired these changes or the men they were married to.
And the men – Foster had the idea when they originally ran the breast augmentation trials, and decided to act on it when they expanded to the female libido studies. He started with his animal research and the results of that confirmed his suspicions – RD2 also had a noticeable effect on male rats, both in sexual drive and in physical anatomy. Testing on rats was one thing though; he needed to introduce the testing into his student testing population. And he was pretty sure he could do sexual testing with male subjects without even offering the extra incentives that they needed with the females.
If they could harness RD2 as a male sex organ growth drug, in addition to everything else, they would not be able to keep it on the shelves of any distributor, regardless of cost. He just knew it.

Chapter 1
Josh needed money, and the last thing he wanted to think about was taking time away from studying. He was an engineering major who was far more interested in polynomials and equations than bussing tables or delivering pizzas, which unfortunately seemed to be the staple jobs of his peers. He wouldn’t need money at all if it wasn’t for Sara. She was his first real girlfriend since he took Becky to his high school prom, and calling Becky a girlfriend was a stretch; that was really a relationship born out of necessity, since they were both dateless for what was supposed to be their signature high school event.
Sara was girlfriend material though. She was a fellow engineering major and shared his awkward social skills and love for everything academic. He had not crossed the intimacy bridge with her yet but was confident that would come. What he did need though was money, because even an academic girl, he figured, needed to be wined and dined to some extent, especially if you were trying to “close the deal”, so to speak.
He noticed the advertisement in the school store on a quick trip through to pick up graph paper for an upcoming project. He had heard there were pharmaceutical companies that paid students for research but had never seen their advertisements before. Here was one advertising a sleep study and offering to pay male students $300 a night on the weekend plus $50 a week just for checking in during the week.
“This is perfect” he thought. $350 was more than enough for him to take Sara out a couple of times and buy her some stuff and he would have money left over. More importantly it would keep him from having to pick up some grunt job somewhere that would take him away from studying. It even appealed to his academic ethic – participating in a research study, it had a scholastic ring to it.
He ripped off one of the flyer tabs and called the number. After some brief questions with the head nurse she let him know they did have a spot available. In fact if he came in early on Saturday that would give them time to complete their questionnaire and he should even be able to do the first overnight.
“Perfect timing” he thought as he hung up the phone. He couldn’t wait to tell Sara – this must be his lucky day.

Chapter 2
Josh arrived at the clinic exactly when the head nurse had told him to because Josh believed in being punctual. He was a bit taken back by the tall buxom nurse. He was used to the frumpy, motherly types that worked in the campus infirmary, so Karen was a welcomed surprise.
She gave him the study questionnaire to fill out which was several pages long and had a long list of questions to fill out, ranging from his current sleep patterns to family medical history and his level of sexual activity. Everything seemed in order from a scientific standpoint and he was impressed with their professionalism and thoroughness. He further had no problems with signing their NDA agreement and rather lengthy disclaimer document.
Once he was finished Karen put him through a series of medical evaluations, checking everything from weight to blood samples. When he was finished he waited in a reception area with a small handful of other test subjects. He had brought some of his textbooks with him and opted to use the time to study while the other guys talked about sports or whatever they were talking about. It was close to 9:00pm when the head doctor for the study came into the room to address them.
“Thank you for participating in our sleep study” he began. “You are each going to be taken to your own room now where you can prepare for bed. Karen will be coming by to administer our medication which will help you to fall asleep. We do ask that you dress for the night in the gown that Karen will provide you. The next thing you are likely to remember will be waking up tomorrow morning. Upon waking we will do another follow up interview with you to see if you had any unusual dream activity to speak of. You are then free to go”
“We ask that you check in with us twice during the week, and then we will expect everyone here next Saturday morning for a routine physical exam. Please report any concerns you have that surface during the week. Otherwise, we will plan on another overnight stay three weeks from now”
“Pretty routine stuff” Josh thought to himself. Karen dropped him off in his designated room and then attended to the other male subjects. Josh changed and put on the gown, noticing it was unusual in that it opened in the front. “Whatever” he thought to himself, as he returned to the dog eared page in his textbook.

Chapter 3
Karen reappeared 10 minutes later, knocking softly on his door before entering his room.
“Hi Josh” she sang out in her pleasant, bedside voice.
Josh looked again at the nurse. She was a striking figure. Her clinical wear was uncharacteristically tight, but he was sure none of the male subjects, himself included, were going to complain. In fact he was pretty sure she was the topic of half of the conversations in the lounge, although he had mentally tuned most of that out.
“Hey Karen” he said in his typical voice that broadcasted his nervousness with woman.
“Ok hun” she said. “Hop up on the table so I can attach this IV.”
Josh obediently hopped up on the table and Karen raised the back so that he was in a half lying position. She loved working with the males. She knew what they were thinking when she was in front of them and she knew they would do anything she asked of them. Girls could be more of a pain in the ass, especially the smart ones. With the males it didn’t matter how smart they were – if she undid a button or two on her blouse they were basically putty in her hands.
She got the IV attached to his arm and attached the bag.
“You’re going to start feeling sleepy” she said as the liquid traveled down the length of the tube. She watched his eyes flutter shut.
“You ok Josh?” she asked, and satisfied he was out she moved on to the next room.

Chapter 4
Karen returned to Josh’s room twenty minutes later with Dr. Foster. She opened Josh’s gown and lowered his briefs while Foster looked on.
Foster had prepared the IV bags with a lighter dose of sedative for this round of testing. He wanted to ensure that the males were sedated enough to be out of it while still responsive enough for stimulus to achieve erection. He needed to be sure they could accurately measure them while fully aroused.
Karen took Josh’s cock and started to massage it. It slowly started to stiffen under her touch. She expertly massaged his balls and stimulated his glans, dragging her fingernails back and forth against his cock. Josh’s penis continued to stiffen and she even managed to elicit a moan from the stoic engineering student. Within a couple of minutes of her expert manipulations his cock was standing at stiff attention.
Foster handed her a measuring device which she used to determine that Josh was 6.75 inches or roughly 171.5 millimeters in length fully aroused. If they were using 6 inches as the adult male average then Josh was doing ok, she thought to herself. She nodded and made the appropriate entry in the clipboard.
Foster readied the next IV bag with the appropriate dose of RD2 and they added it to Josh’s IV. Karen pulled Josh’s briefs back up around his hard penis and tied off his gown again and she and Dr. Foster were off to attend to the other male subjects.

Author Information

I'm a naughty wife and mother of two who likes to write about things I've experienced and things I've fantasized about. If you like reading about the loves and kinks of MILF housewives then you should have one as your author - you came to the right place!

Please feel free to write me a review, drop me a 'like' or give me a 'follow'. I love hearing from readers and if there is a specific kink you'd like to read about in your next book, I would love to be the one to scratch that itch for you.

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This story has been self-published by the author

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