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The Coed Experiment 2 (Sylvia Redmond)

The Coed Experiment 2 by Sylvia Redmond


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Dr. Foster is testing his company's breast augmentation treatment on a group of coeds who think they are participating in a sleep study. When they realize that the treatment has certain sexual side effects, Foster makes them a deal: stay on with the study and you will be compensated handsomely for working a couple of hours on the weekends. The catch? The couple of hours of work on the weekends is not going to be easy, but they might enjoy it. Tara and Kelly have some decisions to make.

Product type: EBook    Published by: author - self-published    Published: 03 / 2016

No. words: 5000

Style: Medical Erotica, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual

Available Formats: MobiPocket (MOBI)  EPUB  PDF  This book has a format which can be downloaded to Kindle

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Dr. Robert Foster was seeing dollar signs. He knew that his company was looking at a serious cash cow with their RD2 drug when they were developing it simply as a breast augmentation solution. Never before had breast augmentation been possible through the use of a pharmaceutical only. All of their market research had indicated that the majority of women who desired breast augmentation but didn’t follow through with it feared surgery. All indications were they would be able to corner this market, and likely steal a large percentage of the population who would have otherwise chosen surgery in the first place. The profit potential was mind staggering.
Through their testing he had now uncovered a potential secondary market. The drug also had a marked effect on a woman’s libido. They had not anticipated the lactating that had accompanied the increase in breast size. They were prepared to deal with that, and frankly he thought many consumers would be interested in the drug enough to not care if they set the disclaimer properly. But it also appeared that the young girls in the study had a heightened sense of sensitivity, something else he had not anticipated.
He knew that a percentage of the over 40 female population complained about lack of libido and it was a commonly cited problem in marriage difficulties. If RD2 could be harnessed as a solution for that too there was no telling how far this drug could take them. In his mind he could already picture himself surpassing the richest oil sheiks in the world if he could test and market this thing correctly.
He already had a small stable of student test subjects in the early stages of RD2 testing. He was certain there was a portion of those still that he could solicit to participate in further rounds of “supplemental” testing. He was at the point where he thought that a more honest, direct approach may be necessary with the test subjects. That and lots of money paid for in return for their participation.

Chapter 1
Foster had made his appointment to speak with Tara and Kelly at the same time. He knew from his prior experience enrolling them in the trials that Kelly was much easier to snare if the dim witted Tara was there to goad her on. He was certain that Tara would jump at the amount of money he was getting ready to offer them. If he could use that energy to sign Kelly up for Phase 2, great. If not, he was sure that he would still have an enthusiastic test subject in Tara.
Both girls were seated in front of his desk. Tara looked pensive while Kelly looked pissed off.
“What’s going on Dr. Foster” Kelly began. “I’ve gone from a size B bra to a C in the last two weeks – and why the hell am I lactating?”
“Yes, well, we admit that the side effects of this drug we’re testing have produced some unexpected results” Foster began. “That’s why I wanted to talk to the two of you today. Some of the most important scientific discoveries in history were ones that were made by accident, and we think that may be just what we’re dealing with here.”
“How are my boobs getting bigger an important scientific discovery” Kelly asked him, still clearly pissed.
“It’s more than just that my dear” he started. “There are millions of women in the world who are unhappy with the way they look everyday – woman who would jump at the chance to go from a B cup to a C cup like you have in the last two weeks. And this is more about a fashion statement – it’s a self-image issue, which goes right to the core of a woman’s good mental health.”
“But more important than that” he continued, “is the way in which your bodies have reacted to the change. You have each apparently reached a heightened sense of sexual sensitivity, something commonly known in the medical profession as ‘libido’. Decreased libido in woman is widely held as a causal factor in divorces and mental well-being in otherwise healthy women. You two are at the forefront of a medical breakthrough that could change the lives of women worldwide – you could actually be saving lives by continuing to work with us.”
He could tell he pretty much had Tara – Kelly was still mulling it over but he wasn’t done with his pitch.
“And fortunately for you it’s not all about the important scientific achievement” he continued. “The institute is prepared to compensate you the equivalent of a junior scientist’s starting salary. That means we will pay you a little over $1500 a week through the life of the study or the rough equivalent of $80,000 a year.”
Tara’s jaw dropped, and the tension that was in Kelly’s jaw a second ago was gone and Foster could see her doing the math in her head.
“Of course you could still continue your studies at the university. The terms of the original agreement will remain intact with the exception of the following changes. First, you will continue to have two weekly check-in calls with Karen and then a required Saturday night stay weekly. Second, during the Saturday night stay you may be required to engage in sexual activity with additional test subjects. And third, you need to sign a new NDA agreement which stipulates absolute non-disclosure of the content of the study, over and beyond the terms of your original NDA.”
Tara wasn’t sure what half the stuff the doctor just said meant. What she got out of his speech was it sounded like they wanted her to screw someone once a week and they would pay her $80,000. $80,000 for one nights work when it was likely she would be out screwing someone for free anyway on a Saturday night. And when you factored in all the other stuff about her saving mankind it made her feel like Florence fucking Nightingale.
“I’ll do it” Tara said.
Kelly looked at her shocked. “Are you fucking serious? Just like that?”
“Yeah, just like that. You can think about it if you want to, I’m willing to help womankind for $80,000.”
“You’re doing a wonderful thing” Foster commended Tara as she signed the new agreement. “We’ll start this Saturday.”
He took a checkbook out of his desk and wrote her a check. “Tara I’m going to give you a $2000 bonus for signing and to get anything you feel you might need to make your stay more comfortable. And if there isn’t anything you need well then just spoil yourself.”
He signed the check, ripped it out and handed it to a beaming Tara.
“You’ve got some time to think about it Kelly” Foster said. “If you decide you want to participate prior to Saturday I will extend the bonus to you as well.”
He knew he had shaken whatever doubt was still swimming around her head. “Have a good day girls.”

Chapter 2
“I think you’re crazy if you turn this down” Tara was saying to her while turning the check over in her hands. “Shit I was thinking about modeling or trying to get into a music video or something and you have to fuck those guys half the time for a lot less than 80k.”
“It doesn’t bother you that you are basically getting paid to be a whore?” Kelly asked her.
“You heard the doctor” Tara said. “This is a study to benefit women. What if this drug they are working on is as great as they are saying? What if it does change the lives of even a handful of women? Would you feel the same way if you could know that in advance? Plus you’re coming out of this $80,000 richer.”
That was the most compelling part of all this non-sense. She was probably looking at close to $60,000 worth of debt after graduating college, and she was studying to be a teacher. It was going to be a long time before she could pay off her loans on a teacher’s salary. She had always thought it wasn’t fair that a noble profession like teacher got the shit end of the stick when it came to salary. This might be the only chance she got to tilt the salary inequality in her favor.
“Yeah” Kelly had said. “I guess we would be helping women, right?”

Chapter 3
Dr. Foster was pleased to hear that Kelly had called back to confirm her continued spot in the program – pleased but not surprised.
It was not a mere formality that had led to the inclusion of financial aid questions on the original study enrollment questionnaire. Foster was not interested in girls who were attending school on a full scholarship, nor was he interested in girls who were entirely self-paid. He was interested in the girls that fell in the middle, the group that was heavily leveraged on student loans. Experience had taught him that although these girls usually possessed an above average ethic, they were also more willing to bend it when offered attractive compensation.
His testing had taken an interesting turn and he thought it would be easy to test the sexual implications now of RD2. He had already gotten two of the placebo subjects to agree to the terms that Tara and Kelly had agreed to, and he had already put them through the same series of tests he was about to witness on his RD2 subjects. The placebo group responded about as well as he would have expected. They had the average interest in sex typical of a college age female but not much stamina and somewhat timid about “pushing the envelope”. He was certain that Tara and Kelly would respond with much more voracity under the influence of the RD2
He watched as Karen brought Tara into exam room number four. It was obvious that her breasts were heavy and she was in desperate need of relief. He sat back and awaited the beginning of their testing with interest.

Author Information

I'm a naughty wife and mother of two who likes to write about things I've experienced and things I've fantasized about. If you like reading about the loves and kinks of MILF housewives then you should have one as your author - you came to the right place!

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This story has been self-published by the author

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