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St. Monica's Finishing School For Girls (Anonymous)

St. Monica


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The Catholic school, St. Monica's Finishing School for Girls, is renowned in the area for its high standards of discipline and education. Here young girls straight out of high school are taught to take their proper place in a society. Their families are amongst the most elite and respected members of society. Many of St. Monica’s girls go on to Ivy League colleges and become very well respected members of society. Amongst these girls are some who are of the super elite. St. Monica’s insures their special needs and request are met.

Jena is a young girl who has just landed her first teaching job at St. Monica's. What was believed to be her dream job has turned out to be a journey into her very own private hell. She is fucked, abused, humiliated and forced into a life of servatude. That is only the first day. This tale is non-stop and will have your heart pounding from page one.

Product type: EBook    Published by: MC Publications    Published: 11 / 2007

No. words: 105394

Style: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual BDSM, Young Adult Bondage/BDSM, Spanking and Bondage

Available Formats: PDF  MS Reader  


Sister Ann knew she had to put a stop to it. She couldn`t let Ms. Tarp continue untying her shoe. The electricity it shot up her leg caused her vagina to spasm uncontrollably. It was not her place to have such feelings. She was the Head Mistress and it was her responsibility to instill discipline and maintain order. She was not allowed these feelings.

Ever since Ms. Tarp`s arrival at the school she had had such strange feelings, urges almost. As the Head Mistress she knew she had ultimate control and authority, but this...this was different than anything she`d experienced in the past. She`d NEVER had a teacher want her job so badly that they`d lower themselves to kissing her foot! If she was willing to do that, just how far would she actually go? Sister Ann`s heart beat faster as she fantasized about the possibilities.

The strong Head Mistress had always exuded leadership and control, especially self-discipline, but as Ms. Tarp opened the last of the laces on her boot, Sister Ann`s breathing quickened.

Jenna knew she was on the right track as she knelt before her Head Mistress. She slowly pulled the boot off the nun`s foot exposing her nylon-covered foot.

Sister Ann gasped as the cool room air surrounded her foot and sent and unwanted chill up her leg. She looked down at the young teacher, knelt before her dressed in her white cotton blouse and plaid skirt that draped around her knees. Sister Ann held her breath when she saw Jenna look up at her and make eye contact as she opened her mouth and inserted her big toe inside. The warmth of Ms. Tarp`s mouth as it enveloped her toe was matched only by the outrageous sensation of her lips wrapping softly around her toe and dragging sensuously down to the tip as she withdrew it from her mouth.

Sister Ann thought she might pee herself. Her vagina contracted so tightly at the thrilling touch of the young teacher`s mouth she thought it physically clamped shut. The wave of wetness that immediately followed was unmatched by anything she`d experienced since becoming a nun. She simply hadn`t allowed herself to experience ANYTHING so pleasurable.

When Jenna heard a longer, more sustained moan that had sounds of short squeals mixed in, she further confirmed her suspicion that she`d found Sister Ann`s weakness. Determined to take full advantage of the opportunity, she reached down and grabbed the nun`s other foot, uncrossing her legs.

As Sister Ann`s legs became uncrossed it was enough to awaken her from her building arousal and she looked down at Ms. Tarp as she picked up her other foot and almost apologetically whispered, "N-no, Ms. Tarp, please, that`s enough." Sister Ann`s mind was filling with confusion. Her current state of arousal was something she hadn`t allowed herself to experience and she was beginning to understand why. She was losing control as Ms. Tarp ignored her plea and began unlacing her other boot. Her mind wondered and she began to entertain fantasies about what she could have her new teacher do.

Sister Ann grabbed her rosary that was draped around her waist, closed her eyes and secretly prayed for strength as she felt her other boot slide off her ankle. Unknowingly she didn`t realize that closing her eyes only served to heighten the sensations of Jenna`s touch. Her growing wetness was undeniable. She was aroused as never before and she saw no way to stop it. Her heart was racing and her skin was on fire. Beads of sweat formed under her habit as her scalp tingled unrestrained.

Jenna had successfully removed both of Sister Ann`s boots and had both of her stocking feet in front of her. She placed the nun`s feet on her knees and stared at them briefly. For the first time since she`d started at the school she finally felt like she was doing something right. She picked up one of the nylon-covered feet and began to suck on the toes. She heard Sister Ann moan loudly and she watched as the nun`s head rolled slowly around. She could see that she clutched her rosary tightly on her lap with both hands, which told Jenna she was really hitting the mark.

Jenna knew that if she was getting this sort of reaction from her Head Mistress just by sucking her nylon-covered foot; imagine what she could get from her if she could get her tongue between her toes!

That was enough for Jenna. She decided that she needed to please her Head Mistress in ways she`d probably never had it before. She pushed up on the nun`s dress, exposing the firm shapely legs beneath. Jenna was impressed at just how nice her legs looked. They were long and slender, not bony or chubby.

When Sister Ann felt her dress being pushed up, she labored for breath and tried in vain to resist. Her mind was awash with arousal and she wasn`t thinking clearly anymore. None of this was supposed to be happening.

Jenna slid her hands up the outside of Sister Ann`s thighs and grabbed the waistband of her thick black pantyhose.

Unable to catch her breath, Sister Ann held it and lifted her hips slightly when she felt Jenna begin to pull down on her pantyhose. The whole moment was unreal and she just wasn`t able to focus.

When Jenna felt Sister Ann lift up a little she knew she was on the right track. She slowly pulled down her pantyhose to her knees and the beyond. Jenna was a little shocked to see that she had inadvertently taken Sister Ann`s panties along with them. Shrugged to herself and pushed them off each foot on-by-one.

Sister Ann was now slumped in her chair, her buttocks just on the edge. The cool air on her bare legs was something she only felt when she dressed in the morning. Rarely was she ever this uncovered. Her heavy black dress was pushed up on her thighs, but still covered her.


I thought this book was great. Can't wait for part2 to come out? I hope. 5 out of 5

Author Information

The author of this novel wishes to remain anonymous.


Publisher Information

MC Publications specializes in fetish focused erotica eBooks. Most titles are also available in print format as well. Like any good novel fetish erotica has a beginning, middle and ending. There has to be a storyline that draws the reader in. Unlike a traditional romance erotica novel, the story line doesn't just happen to have explicit sex scenes in it. Fetish erotica main focus centers on the fetish whether its spanking, bondage, or college girls wearing glasses the fetish can't get bogged down in the pages of the story. Readers of fetish erotica know what they want and it isn't a long drawn out storyline with fetish worked into it. MC Publications' goal is to bring well written quality fetish erotica to readers everywhere.

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